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System agnostic


random-rolled resources for wardens & players is a 48-page zine that provides GMs of sci-fi horror games with dozens of random charts and tables and props for the table

Grim Sci-fi 36 d66 tables

These tables are intended to replace or supplement the action/subject tables within Mythic GME, or to be used as add-on additional oracles/muses for any d6-based dark sci-fi game.


Icy moon horror scenario.

Relay Point Alpha

a point crawl where a Crew [group of players aka Party] has been hired to or tasked with trekking from satellite to satellite to restore communication between at least two other adjacent satellites. To play you’ll need a handful of d10’s, this sheet, and a TTRPG of your choice.

Ugly Frog

The "Ugly Frog" is a quick response jumpship (battlemap) for all sci-fi RPG's. This three-level ship can be a safe platform for 10-12 people in the interstellar space.
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