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Tools for the Game

Additional Maps for Welcome to the Ring

VTT maps for the introductory Welcome to the Ring adventure.

d100 Spacers for Space Horror

 System agnostic, this is an eclectic mix of styles all in black and white/greyscale to fit the aesthetic of Mothership or Death in Space among other space horror TTRPGs. Here are 100 PC/NPC character images for inspiration. Created by me using the Stable Diffusion AI. 

d12 Space Pirate

A pack of d12 AI generated profile pictures for the game Death in Space. Good for printing or online, characters or NPC's. Images generated using Stable Diffusion AI by me, and handpicked to keep the best generations.

Death Bulletin Board System

Death BBS, the official character generator for Death in Space.

Death in Space for SpaceEngine

Tenebris solar system for the Death In Space RPG recreated within SpaceEngine.

Death in Space sheet for Roll20 VTT

Roll20 character and hub sheets for playing Death in Space.

Death in Space system for Foundry VTT

A Foundry VTT system for playing Death in Space.

Expanded Encounters

 This publication includes turns the core tables of Death in Space for Creatures of the Abyss and Corrupted by the void into d20 tables rather than the original d6 and d8 tables.  26 new enemies to encounter: mind-controlling insects, killer radiowaves, corrupted programs, hyperdemensional rats, and more.  


Random Tables from Beyond the Void.

This entry was sponsored by mcglintlock as part of the Ex Libris RPG crowdfunding campaign.

Grasshopper Maps

Maps and handouts for the Death in Space RPG scenario Search and Salvage.

Radar Screens

Simple VTT radar screens for use with Death in Space RPG.
Each radar screen features the spacecraft confrontation distances from Death in Space.

Random Gig Generator

This is a Random Gig* Generator for the Death in Space RPG.

This is part of an zine ongoing project Back Alley Apocrypha (stay tuned). 

*Gig = a job usually for a specified time


 Are you looking for a useful tool to enrich your dark science fiction games? We have the perfect solution for you! Our 60 rumors table is compatible with games like "Death in Space" and provides you with a wide variety of detailed rumors to bring your universe to life. 

Sci-Fi Campaign Sheets

Do you enjoy planning adventures on paper, but get scared of the structurelessness of blank sheets? Use these campaign planner sheets, print them out, and design thrilling sci-fi adventures that will expand your players' horizons.
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