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A Corrupted Frontier

"The Universe is collapsing, The Void is growing, Creatures are stirring.
Can this group of travellers find there place in this solar system of loss and rebirth.
Only time will tell if they can survive or fall fate to a DEATH IN SPACE."
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Between Two GMs - Interviewing Christian Plogfors & Carl Niblaeus, creators of DEATH IN SPACE!

"In our latest installment of Between Two GMs, Nathan and Matt sit down to talk with Christian Plogfors & Carl Niblaeus, creators of the SCI-FI OSR Tabletop Roleplaying Game, DEATH IN SPACE."
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Death in Space Liveplay

"This week we play Death in Space, a TTRPG from Free League that the Mork Borg team worked on. What a fucking blast this was!" 
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DEATH IN SPACE RPG Actual Play "Search and Salvage"

Actual play of the Search and Salvage pamphlet adventure.
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Death In Space RPG Interview with Christian Plogfors & Carl Niblaeus

"Join us as we chat with Death In Space co-designers Christian Plogfors & Carl Niblaeus. We'll discuss the origin of the game, the design process and possible future plans."
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Death in Space RPG | Creators interview | Why this is the end of humanity.

"In this interview with the creators of the roleplaying game Death in space. Christian and Carl explain how they constructed this gritty world and why this likely is the end of the line for humanity."
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Death in Space RPG. Session Zero [solo]

Session 0 of solo liveplay, including a walkthrough of the book.
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death in space soundscape

The second DEATH IN SPACE official album.

"The album consists of a collection of atmospheric soundscapes inspired by locations in the Tenebris system that you can use to get into the right mood while playing DEATH IN SPACE. On the album are thirteen tracks, totaling 2 hours and 29 minutes of Tenebris noise. You’ll find sounds like the singing dunes of Amissa, the foghorn of Inauro, and much more."

Death in Space | Review

"This is our review of Death in Space, a minimalistic roleplay game (a modernization of the OSR genre) in which you can live a deep space horror experience."
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Derelict OST

Official Soundtrack for the Pen and Paper Adventure Derelict by Christian Eichhorn.

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