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ACID TRIP is an adventure site with 7-hex features.

Blue Fog

An adventure for Death in Space. Included in Night Yeast 2.

Broken Contact

BROKEN CONTACT is a one-page one-shot compatible with DEATH IN SPACE.

There is a secret far off space station operated by the Xyonia group where dangerous alien research is done. It's been a while since the last message came in. The group is confident that the station is a lost cause and probably contaminated, but they are searching for some throwaway personnel to extract research data from the lab inside the station...


A rogue black hole [Y0109+49155637] rushes toward "civilization." In its gravity well, Y0109 carries the husks of ancient ships and forgotten technologies. A message in a bottle and rotten care package from long-dead progenitors.

Drifting Offline

"With a total of 14 rooms across 3 levels, Drifting Offline has you exploring the inside of the M-class harvester that has swallowed your ship whole."

Forrest for the Trees

A pamphlet scenario for Death in Space.


"The memory collecting alien giant assimilates you as new beings into their brain dimension.  This place is not quite dream not quite reality, but some terrible gray space between the two."

kurir n/a och SOS


kurir n/a och SOS är två pamflett-scenarier till sci-fi-rollspelet Death in Space. Du läser varje på tio minuter, no prep bara att sätta igång och spela. Enkla att konvertera till andra spel i genren om du så önskar.

MISERY's KEEP [is not alive]

A short 8 room dungeon that IS NOT ALIVE and will not gobble you right up

Nunsuaq Station

The icy moon Nunsuaq is not as insignificant as it seems. Something hides below the ice. A strange signal emanates from within, pulsating slowly, like a beating heart. Something hides below the ice. And surely but steadily, the pulse increases...

Nunsuaq Station is an adventure location for DEATH IN SPACE, taking the crew to an isolated research station on a moon in the outer rim of the Tenebris system. When they enter the station, cold death greets them.

Object 877-12-G

Gregorius21778: Object 877-12-G is one of my Halloween Horrors: a horror themed pay-what-you-want title. This one here will introduce a long-term curse into an ongoing game (or campaign) that will transform both the body and the very fate of a character, step by step.


"On an uncharted moon, the answer to all the problems of this cursed star system could be solved. But what those scientists uncovered...should never have been found."
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