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On creating your Character

A Consequence of Survival

"A rules-lite list of skills, quirks and phenomena that you can buy with XP."

Death Bulletin Board System

Death BBS, the official character generator for Death in Space.

Extinct Nativity - Expanded Character Origins

This publication includes 30 new Backgrounds to use in character creation for Death in Space, turning the original d6 table into a d66 table to ensure plenty of character variety in Death in Space campaigns.


Random Tables from Beyond the Void.

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Into the Void

  • 8 New Character Origins
  • Alternative Combat Rules
  • Panic Rules
  • Antagonist with Stats.
  • Creatures from the Void!

Void Quickening: Expanded Character Void Corruption and Cosmic Mutations

This publication includes 20 new examples of Void Corruption and 20 new examples of Cosmic Mutations to use as your character susccumb to the inevitable end of the universe in Death in Space, doubling the options available to ensure plenty of character variety in Death in Space campaigns. 
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