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A Corrupted Frontier

"The Universe is collapsing, The Void is growing, Creatures are stirring.
Can this group of travellers find there place in this solar system of loss and rebirth.
Only time will tell if they can survive or fall fate to a DEATH IN SPACE."

Adventure Archive liveplay: Search and Salvage

Phantom gunfire rings. Blood and sweat permeate the air. The steady hum of their newly acquired spacecraft seeps through flesh and bone and circuits. The Iron Ring grows smaller on the console screen but still burns hot. That space grows, and the emptiness resolves into Vide's lifeless body as the crew contemplates the cost of what they have achieved.

Was it worth it?

Death in Space Liveplay

"This week we play Death in Space, a TTRPG from Free League that the Mork Borg team worked on. What a fucking blast this was!" 

Death in Space RPG. Session Zero [solo]

Session 0 of solo liveplay, including a walkthrough of the book.

There's Cold Comfort On LZ13

Telling Tales take you to the darkness between the dwindling stars in the Death In Space TTRPG from Stockholm Kartell & Free League.
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