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6 Additional Origins for Death in Space

6 Additional Origins for Death in Space is a single-page pdf containing six new origins, each with two benefits, for the TTRPG Death in Space

A Consequence of Survival

"A rules-lite list of skills, quirks and phenomena that you can buy with XP."


ACID TRIP is an adventure site with 7-hex features.

d6 Improvised Weapons for Death in Space

"d6 Improvised Weapons for Death in Space is a melee weapon collection for space hobos and DIY demigods."


"The memory collecting alien giant assimilates you as new beings into their brain dimension.  This place is not quite dream not quite reality, but some terrible gray space between the two."

Grappleoid TERRORS: Monster Mash

"An eight page bestiary featuring a multi-stage creature based on those from [the first three] TREMORS movies, as well as bits of lore, and a few new bonus weapons."

Grasshopper Maps

Maps and handouts for the Death in Space RPG scenario Search and Salvage.


"Bring a rules-lite system for hacking to your Death in Space games. Ties into existing game mechanics for ease of use."

Into the Void

  • 8 New Character Origins
  • Alternative Combat Rules
  • Panic Rules
  • Antagonist with Stats.
  • Creatures from the Void!

kurir n/a och SOS


kurir n/a och SOS är två pamflett-scenarier till sci-fi-rollspelet Death in Space. Du läser varje på tio minuter, no prep bara att sätta igång och spela. Enkla att konvertera till andra spel i genren om du så önskar.

MISERY's KEEP [is not alive]

A short 8 room dungeon that IS NOT ALIVE and will not gobble you right up

Object 877-12-G

Gregorius21778: Object 877-12-G is one of my Halloween Horrors: a horror themed pay-what-you-want title. This one here will introduce a long-term curse into an ongoing game (or campaign) that will transform both the body and the very fate of a character, step by step.

Random Gig Generator

This is a Random Gig* Generator for the Death in Space RPG.

This is part of an zine ongoing project Back Alley Apocrypha (stay tuned). 

*Gig = a job usually for a specified time

REISE Rising: Album Crawl

 11 Tracks: 
8 Places, 
1 NPC, 
1 Monster, 
1 Weather. 
8x7 Planetary Hexcrawl. 
Inspired by Rammstein's album Reise, Reise. 
System Agnostic,
Selectable Text.
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