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A Lonely Death (in space)

"These solo rules are designed to get you started in solo play, using Death in Space from Stockholm Kartell."

Blue Fog

An adventure for Death in Space. Included in Night Yeast 2.


A rogue black hole [Y0109+49155637] rushes toward "civilization." In its gravity well, Y0109 carries the husks of ancient ships and forgotten technologies. A message in a bottle and rotten care package from long-dead progenitors.

Drifting Offline

"With a total of 14 rooms across 3 levels, Drifting Offline has you exploring the inside of the M-class harvester that has swallowed your ship whole."

Nunsuaq Station

The icy moon Nunsuaq is not as insignificant as it seems. Something hides below the ice. A strange signal emanates from within, pulsating slowly, like a beating heart. Something hides below the ice. And surely but steadily, the pulse increases...

Nunsuaq Station is an adventure location for DEATH IN SPACE, taking the crew to an isolated research station on a moon in the outer rim of the Tenebris system. When they enter the station, cold death greets them.


"For those that have played Dark Fort, the solo-play version of MÖRK BORG included with Feretory, I present to you, SOLO ORBITS - a Dark Fort for Death In Space."

Station Xeno: A Death In Space Module

"Station XENO is a new 3rd party module for the Death In Space roleplaying game. It functions as a claustrophobic solo station crawl, as a standard adventure module or can be hacked and welded into nearly any sci-fi setting with a space station."
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