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Void Quickening: Expanded Character Void Corruption and Cosmic Mutations

This publication includes 20 new examples of Void Corruption and 20 new examples of Cosmic Mutations to use as your character susccumb to the inevitable end of the universe in Death in Space, doubling the options available to ensure plenty of character variety in Death in Space campaigns. 

A Lonely Death (in space)

"These solo rules are designed to get you started in solo play, using Death in Space from Stockholm Kartell."

Blue Fog

An adventure for Death in Space. Included in Night Yeast 2.

Death in the Saddle

"DiTS is a Western Hack/Adaptation of the Sci-Fi RPG Death In Space."


A rogue black hole [Y0109+49155637] rushes toward "civilization." In its gravity well, Y0109 carries the husks of ancient ships and forgotten technologies. A message in a bottle and rotten care package from long-dead progenitors.

Drifting Offline

"With a total of 14 rooms across 3 levels, Drifting Offline has you exploring the inside of the M-class harvester that has swallowed your ship whole."

Expanded Deaths in Space Tables

 This publication includes 20 new possibilities for character deaths in space that should have been, but weren't, flashing before their eyes in the seconds before their true deaths.  This document is meant to be used in conjunction with the similar table already in the core death in space rules.   

Expanded Encounters

 This publication includes turns the core tables of Death in Space for Creatures of the Abyss and Corrupted by the void into d20 tables rather than the original d6 and d8 tables.  26 new enemies to encounter: mind-controlling insects, killer radiowaves, corrupted programs, hyperdemensional rats, and more.  

Expanded Hub Backgrounds and Quirks

This publication includes 20 new Backgrounds for Station Hubs, 20 new Backgrounds for Ship Hubs, and 20 new Quirks for Hubs generally, doubling the entries available in the core rules to ensure plenty of hub variety in Death in Space campaigns. Stations with uncooperative AI, ships with bloody pasts, Hubs with mysteries, knobs, and the aroma of coffee, and much more. 

Extinct Nativity - Expanded Character Origins

This publication includes 30 new Backgrounds to use in character creation for Death in Space, turning the original d6 table into a d66 table to ensure plenty of character variety in Death in Space campaigns.

Forrest for the Trees

A pamphlet scenario for Death in Space.

Have a Nice Death in Space

"These were originally written as contracts for early-days DiS players in Astrolich's discord server."
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