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Planetfall jam

d6 Improvised Weapons for Death in Space

"d6 Improvised Weapons for Death in Space is a melee weapon collection for space hobos and DIY demigods."

Death in the Saddle

"DiTS is a Western Hack/Adaptation of the Sci-Fi RPG Death In Space."


"The memory collecting alien giant assimilates you as new beings into their brain dimension.  This place is not quite dream not quite reality, but some terrible gray space between the two."

Grasshopper Maps

Maps and handouts for the Death in Space RPG scenario Search and Salvage.

Have a Nice Death in Space

"These were originally written as contracts for early-days DiS players in Astrolich's discord server."

Into the Void

  • 8 New Character Origins
  • Alternative Combat Rules
  • Panic Rules
  • Antagonist with Stats.
  • Creatures from the Void!

Random Gig Generator

This is a Random Gig* Generator for the Death in Space RPG.

This is part of an zine ongoing project Back Alley Apocrypha (stay tuned). 

*Gig = a job usually for a specified time


"For those that have played Dark Fort, the solo-play version of MÖRK BORG included with Feretory, I present to you, SOLO ORBITS - a Dark Fort for Death In Space."


"A Space bulk is an amalgam of HUBs which merged with each other after a bridging disaster. Parts are melted inside one another, new passages have been created, life may have survived there."

TARSIID - A handcraft weapon for Death in Space

"In a dying world, sometimes you have to be creative and deal with what you’re given."

The Birth of Inauro

An advanced adventure that takes place on the desert surface of the moon Inauro.


"Strange vapors pour out from the archeological dig site on planet Marzanna and soon drive the colonists mad."


A scenario (or a  scenario generator) for DEATH IN SPACE.  A Frozen ship is found. What secrets does it hold?
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