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d6 Improvised Weapons for Death in Space

"d6 Improvised Weapons for Death in Space is a melee weapon collection for space hobos and DIY demigods."

Grasshopper Maps

Maps and handouts for the Death in Space RPG scenario Search and Salvage.

Radar Screens

Simple VTT radar screens for use with Death in Space RPG.
Each radar screen features the spacecraft confrontation distances from Death in Space.

Sci-Fi Campaign Sheets

Do you enjoy planning adventures on paper, but get scared of the structurelessness of blank sheets? Use these campaign planner sheets, print them out, and design thrilling sci-fi adventures that will expand your players' horizons.

Sci-Fi Random Tables

Random tables can greatly facilitate the Game Master's work. It's easy to associate statistics with a character, but we often run out of names, locations, and events during games. This collection of random tables is designed to help with that.
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