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Grappleoid TERRORS: Monster Mash

"An eight page bestiary featuring a multi-stage creature based on those from [the first three] TREMORS movies, as well as bits of lore, and a few new bonus weapons."

Into the Void

  • 8 New Character Origins
  • Alternative Combat Rules
  • Panic Rules
  • Antagonist with Stats.
  • Creatures from the Void!

Synth Cat in Space

 Hidden within the periphery of the ad hoc conglomerate of space junk you call home lies a pestilence bent on making your life intolerable.  Mice, rats, and extraterrestrial crawling crustaceans burrow into cargo and rations while spreading disease.  Any crew with the means employs a synth cat to keep the swarms at bay. 

The Muse

Anointed with the privilege which comes from the possession of Tenebris gems, her temple-like station is gilded with the offerings of those in need of her influence at Tenebris 59.85882.   
Devotees who have given up on a ticket form The Muse's entourage of desperate bodyguards and leech-like accountants.  Run a successful mission for her and she may grant you a coveted jump in line to leave cursed Tenebris, fail and your life is forfeit at the last active buoy. 


"A highly aggressive endoparasitoid extraterrestrial species."
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