Ex Libris Death in Space A directory of content, tools, and resources


Additional Maps for Welcome to the Ring

VTT maps for the introductory Welcome to the Ring adventure.

d66 Avatars for Death in Space Vol. 1

A collection of d66 profile pictures for punks in Death in Space.

Death Bulletin Board System

Death BBS, the official character generator for Death in Space.

Death in Space for SpaceEngine

Tenebris solar system for the Death In Space RPG recreated within SpaceEngine.

Death in Space sheet for Roll20 VTT

Roll20 character and hub sheets for playing Death in Space.

Grasshopper Maps

Maps and handouts for the Death in Space RPG scenario Search and Salvage.

Random Gig Generator

This is a Random Gig* Generator for the Death in Space RPG.

This is part of an zine ongoing project Back Alley Apocrypha (stay tuned). 

*Gig = a job usually for a specified time

Void Sign Generator

Create random void sign symbols and download them as images.
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