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Void Quickening: Expanded Character Void Corruption and Cosmic Mutations

This publication includes 20 new examples of Void Corruption and 20 new examples of Cosmic Mutations to use as your character susccumb to the inevitable end of the universe in Death in Space, doubling the options available to ensure plenty of character variety in Death in Space campaigns. 

6 Additional Origins for Death in Space

6 Additional Origins for Death in Space is a single-page pdf containing six new origins, each with two benefits, for the TTRPG Death in Space

A Consequence of Survival

"A rules-lite list of skills, quirks and phenomena that you can buy with XP."

A Corrupted Frontier

"The Universe is collapsing, The Void is growing, Creatures are stirring.
Can this group of travellers find there place in this solar system of loss and rebirth.
Only time will tell if they can survive or fall fate to a DEATH IN SPACE."
English Free Liveplays Video Media

A Lonely Death (in space)

"These solo rules are designed to get you started in solo play, using Death in Space from Stockholm Kartell."


ACID TRIP is an adventure site with 7-hex features.

Additional Maps for Welcome to the Ring

VTT maps for the introductory Welcome to the Ring adventure.

Between Two GMs - Interviewing Christian Plogfors & Carl Niblaeus, creators of DEATH IN SPACE!

"In our latest installment of Between Two GMs, Nathan and Matt sit down to talk with Christian Plogfors & Carl Niblaeus, creators of the SCI-FI OSR Tabletop Roleplaying Game, DEATH IN SPACE."
English Free Video Media Interviews

Blue Fog

An adventure for Death in Space. Included in Night Yeast 2.

Broken Contact

BROKEN CONTACT is a one-page one-shot compatible with DEATH IN SPACE.

There is a secret far off space station operated by the Xyonia group where dangerous alien research is done. It's been a while since the last message came in. The group is confident that the station is a lost cause and probably contaminated, but they are searching for some throwaway personnel to extract research data from the lab inside the station...

d100 Spacers for Space Horror

 System agnostic, this is an eclectic mix of styles all in black and white/greyscale to fit the aesthetic of Mothership or Death in Space among other space horror TTRPGs. Here are 100 PC/NPC character images for inspiration. Created by me using the Stable Diffusion AI. 

d12 Space Pirate

A pack of d12 AI generated profile pictures for the game Death in Space. Good for printing or online, characters or NPC's. Images generated using Stable Diffusion AI by me, and handpicked to keep the best generations.

d6 Improvised Weapons for Death in Space

"d6 Improvised Weapons for Death in Space is a melee weapon collection for space hobos and DIY demigods."
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